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Tray Loading Conveyor 5


A free standing loading conveyor system attaching to the Pad-O-Matic 360W to feed stacks of styrene foam packaging trays into the denester magazine of the Pad-O-Matic 360W.

The Tray Loading Conveyor was designed to allow the person supplying trays to the denester of the Pad-O-Matic 360W to stage a number of stacks of trays on the belt of the tray loading conveyor, eliminating the need to constantly feed the denester magazine, allowing time for other tasks. The belt of the tray loading conveyor is 36 inches from the floor, providing a means of supplying the padding machine without repetitive lifting.

Stacks of trays placed on the conveyor belt are advanced onto a servo driven elevator. The elevator lifts the stacks to the feed height of the padding machine denester, a servo driven tray pusher advances the stack forward onto the drop gates of the tray loading conveyor, and drops the stack into the denester of the padding machine.

The Tray Loading Conveyor is mounted on castors to provide easy movement to the padding machine, and attaches with docking pins. The tray loading conveyor power, control, and air are supplied by plugs into receptacles on the electrical enclosure of the Pad-O-Matic 360W.

The tray loading conveyor has a PLC controller and variable frequency drive control mounted in an enclosure. All electrical meets NEMA and JIC standards. There is a conveyor mounted Off/Enable selector switch to control the loading conveyor.


Tray Size: Min tray width cross machine 5.625 inches. Max tray width cross machine 16 inches. Min tray length machine direction 5.75 inches. Max tray length machine direction 12 inches.

Dimensions: 3 1/2 feet wide X 10 feet long X 8 feet high.

Weight:  Approx. 1,500 lbs

Utility Requirements

Power: 480 VAC, 3 PHASE, 10 AMP, 60 HZ (supplied from Pad-O-Matic 360W). Other voltages and frequencies available, depending on padding machine voltage.

Air: 1 CFM, 80 PSI minimum pressure clean dry air (supplied from Pad-O-Matic 360W).