Design Service Corporation offers a large array of tray padding equipment. We can automate the loading, de-nesting, adhesive application, pad cutting and positioning, inspection, restacking, and sleeving of your food product trays. Our equipment can handle pads in roll stock as well as festoon gaylords.

We can handle polystyrene, PET (or solid sheet) and pulp trays in square, rectangular, round or any other custom shape. We offer inline, offline and packing house versions that are wash-down compliant.

Our padding machines can pad at speeds up to 360 trays per minute. Using your trays on our proto-typing fixture, we will give you the potential hourly throughput and a recommendation for which machine would best serve your production needs.

Tray Padding is commonly used by these food processing plants:  poultry packaging, red meat packaging, and berry and fruit packaging.

Pad-O-Matic 360W

Pad-O-Matic 300MAP

Pad-O-Matic Options

Tray Loading Conveyor 3

Tray Loading Conveyor 5

Pad Placer Mark II

Stand-Alone Denester

Mini Denester