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WA-84 Film Winder Assembly


A dual spindle, air driven, core type Film Winder Assembly to wind blown film webs. The air driven spindles and the air closed spindle chucks are mounted on movable frames to provide width adjustment. The movable frames slide on cross shafts mounted between the post-gusseter frames. The fiber cores are captured between the driven spindles and the spindle chucks. Pneumatic pressure regulators and flow controls are provided to control the speed and torque of the winder. The spindle chucks are opened and closed by hand operated valves.

A safety shutoff valve, filter-regulator, and lubricator are provided.


Maximum Web Depth: 84 inches.

Maximum Winder Speed: 150 feet per minute.

Maximum Roll Diameter: 34 inches.

Core Size: 3 inch diameter, up to 84 inch long fiber cores.

Dimensions: 103 inches wide X 64 1/2 inches high X 25 inches long.

Weight: approximately 650 pounds.

Utility Requirements

The winder is air powered, consumption dependent upon pressure (80 PSI recommended) and speed.

Air: 80 PSI, CFM dependent on process.