Solutions for Your Industry.

Design Service Corporation has the knowledge and experience to execute projects from concept to an operating machine in your facility, using proven mechanical principals and leading edge machine control technology. We have experience in everything from simple standalone machines to large complex machines integrated into the customer’s process and controls.

Do you have a manufacturing challenge? We engineer, design, and refine solutions. Upon customer approval of design, the equipment will be manufactured, wired, and programmed. We ship and install anywhere in the world. Your operators will be trained by our service personnel, and all our equipment comes with a complete operator’s manual which includes detailed layouts. Our layouts include machine assembly detail, as well as a complete BOM for ordering replacement parts.

Skills and Experience.

Our engineering and design staff have over two hundred years combined experience in design and engineering in a multitude of industries.

We utilize the latest 3D computer programs to assist in design, engineering, and manufacturing.

At Design Service Corp We have our own CNC machine shop, where we manufacture a majority of parts for the equipment we manufacture.

Hear from our Satisfied Customers.

“I have worked with Design Service for the past 14 years.  Their staff are some of the sharpest integrators I have worked with.  I appreciate how much they care about meeting the customers expectations.  They can take a project from proof of concept, to design, to build and install.  They have tackled complex and high speed material handling projects in the food industry to high tech data center automation and chain of custody applications.  I would trust my most important customers with Design Service Corp.”

Jason, Sales Engineer

“The engineering that comes out of DSC is fantastic. They are willing to try any project thrown at them, even if it is something never done before. The people at DSC are easy to work with and are more than willing to listen to ideas or improvements for any machines they make. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished by this small team. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for custom machinery or Meat tray Padding machines.”

Bryce, Equipment Engineering

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Design Service Corp on automation projects for the past 32 years. Their design, manufacturing and controls teams are imaginative, innovative, and adaptive to leading edge technologies and always dedicated to delivering high performance solutions with every project they accept. Great designs + great service…an aptly named firm indeed!

Craig, Northwest Motion

Ongoing Support.

We provide free phone/email service for the life of your machine. We also stock all wear parts for every machine we’ve ever built.

Custom Solutions

for Every Industry