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Roller Gusset Boards


A set of Roller Gusset Boards and adjustable mount assemblies to provide gusseting of tubular blown film, either at the top of the extrusion tower, or in a Post-Print Gusseting tower. The gusset boards are of hollow aluminum construction to provide easy handling, with a UHMW profiled edge to contact the film. The primary contact of the film is against a free-rotating, profiled wheel that leads the film to the profiled edge of the gusset board. The aluminum sides of the gusset boards are covered with a high-lubricity film. No glass-cloth covering of the boards is required to prevent scratching of the blown film or the printing.

The gusset boards are mounted to rigid mounts that ratchet adjust for depth, swivel for front to rear alignment, and have a turnbuckle for vertical alignment. The gusset boards easily detach from the mount by removing two “click pins”.


Maximum Tube Diameter: 55 inches

Maximum Film Speed: 200 feet per minute.

Maximum Gusset Depth: Full depth gusset at maximum diameter

Dimensions: 72 inches high X 12 inches deep X 2 inches wide at widest point.

Weight: Approximately 48 pounds each board.

Utility Requirements

No specific utility requirements.