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Segmented Roller Collapser

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Segmented Roller Collapser


A pair of rigid frames mounted below the nip roll assembly, mounting rollers to collapse the tubular film column to a flat shape to enter the nip rolls. The frames are pivoted at the top to provide adjustment at the bottom for various film widths. The frame pivot on the side that is under the movable nip roll is mounted on a slide assembly operated by pneumatic cylinders to open and close with the nip roll for start-up. These cylinders are usually plumbed in parallel with the opening cylinders for the nip rolls.

The lower end of the frames are adjusted by jackscrews mounted to the tower framework driven by a motor to provide synchronized movement of both frames by a single push-button to open the frames and a single push-button to close the frames. The rigid collapser frames carry cross shafts on 2 inch centers mounting 1 1/2 inch diameter by 2 inch long rollers. The rollers are arranged in a trapezoidal pattern to provide contact in the area necessary to collapse the film. The centers of the roller shafts are supported by brackets with adjustments provided to bow the shaft centers upward incrementally to provide for spreading of the web, or the brackets can be positioned to provide straight shafts. Bubble side guiding can be provided.


Dimensions: Frame; 59 inches wide by 92 inches high. Rollers; 56 inch wide roller contact at the bottom, tapering to 56 inches at the bottom. Rollers are 1.5 inch diameter by 2 inches long.

Weight: approximately 450 pounds.

Utility Requirements

Power: 120 VAC, single phase, 1 amp for control, 480/220 VAC 3 phase, 1.02/2.01 Amps for the adjustment motor.

Air: 80 PSI for opening and closing the top of the frames.