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Pad Placer Mark II


The Pad Placer Mark II consists of two unwind spindles to mount rolls of pad stock to be unwound by the servo motor driven pad feed rolls, a servo motor driven cut off knife assembly to cut the padding material to a preset length, and a speed and position matching control system to position the pads in the packaging trays on the flighted conveyor. Position and speed matching to the conveyor is provided by an encoder driven by the conveyor shaft.

The Pad Placer will process conventional ply pad roll stock, or pouch pad roll stock. The machine control measures the distance between pouches and centers the cut in the center of the web between pouches. There is a control feature to allow one, two, or three pouches between cuts, to place multiple pouches in a single tray. This feature allows the same pad material to be used for different products and different size trays.

The machine control is a Parker Automation ACR9000, controlling two Delta ASDE-B2 servo amplifiers and motors. The Mini-Denester control is a CANopen node of the ACR9000. The operator interface is an NEMA 4X rated Parker Automation Interact Xpress XPR2 color touch screen, with hardware push buttons for machine start, machine stop, and emergency stop.

There is an external lube fitting block with lube lines to each toggle bushing and rod end.


Speed: 10 to 120 pads per minute.

Padding Material: 3” to 8” wide, up to 22 plies of absorbent material with one ply of poly wound to the outside of the roll, or pouch type pad material using the registered cut option. Material must be wound on a 3″ I.D. core to a maximum roll diameter of 40″

Pad Placement: The pad is positioned in the tray to + or – 1/4″ of target plus any variation in tray position on the conveyor.

Pad Cut Size: 3″ minimum pad width, 8″ maximum width x 3″ minimum length, 9″ maximum length.

Dimensions: 2′-4″ wide X 5′ long X 2′-11″ high.

Weight: Approximately 800 pounds.


Temperature: 0 degrees C to 30 degrees C

Humidity: To 90% non-condensing

Utility Requirements

Power: 20V, 50/60 HZ, Single Phase, 20 AMP Service.

Air: 20 CFM, 60 PSI, dependent upon machine speed.