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Flexo Press – FP-48


The FP-48 Flexo Press is a high quality, precision built, two color, flexographic printing press. The FP-48 is mounted on castors for portability with foot operated floor locks to hold the press in position. When used in line with extrusion, speed control is provided by a press-mounted balanced dancer with tension control via a precision pneumatic regulator and bellofram cylinder. The dancer speed control may be overridden by a panel mounted speed control to allow the press to be used off line with an unwind stand.

Machine control is provided by an Industrial Control Group C-128 Microprocessor programmable controller. The control panel is located for easy operator access. Allen Bradley Bulletin 800T illuminated push-pull buttons and switches are used in the control panel. Fountain to anilox roll pressure, lay on roll pressure, and dancer tension are controlled by precision regulators with 3-1/2″ diameter gauges. The control enclosure has an elapsed time meter to indicate total operating time.

There is an emergency stop pull cord over each impression cylinder, and an Emergency Stop push button on each corner of the press and on the control panel.

When the press is emergency stopped, the plate cylinders lift to provide clearance between the plate cylinders and the anilox cylinders and the lay-on roll lifts off the impression cylinder. This allows the bag machine to continue to pull the web through the press and prevents damage in event of a wrap-up.

Push-pull buttons are provided on the control panel to operate the lift motion for each plate cylinder to stop printing while maintaining registration. The lay-on roll has a push-pull button control for opening and closing and also opens when the press is Emergency Stopped.

The press is driven by a variable frequency drive controlling a 2 HP. TEFC motor driving through a flange-mounted gear box. There is a Forward/Reverse Selector Switch on the control panel and a Forward/Neutral/Reverse transmission on the gear drive to allow for 2 colors one side or 1 color each side printing.

All gearing is 10 pitch, 14-1/2 degree pressure angle by 1″ wide face. The fountain rolls are gear driven by the anilox rolls with ratios from 1:1 to 3:1 available.

All gears and plate cylinder sleeve bearings are automatically lubricated by a pressure lube system with alarm and adjustable injectors for each lube point.

The press is equipped with oil drip catch pans to catch excess lube oil.

Side to side registration of each plate cylinder is adjusted by a hand crank with a 2 inch range of adjustment. Registration between plate cylinders is provided by a handwheel controlled registration roll.

All idler rolls and the registration roll are 6″ diameter aluminum, hard anodized, ball bearing mounted, balanced, and machined to .001″ TIR maximum.

The lay on roll is 5-1/4″ diameter steel with a 40 durometer neoprene rubber coating to 6″ diameter, ball bearing mounted and balanced. The impression cylinders are 6″ O.D. steel, machined, balanced, and chrome plated.

All drive gearing is enclosed or guarded. An opening guard door provides the operator access to the area between the impression cylinders for easy thread-up and cleanup.

The ink pans and covers are fabricated from stainless steel and electro-polished. There are two hinged access doors in each cover. The ink pans are lowered from the fountain rolls by hand levers for easy cleaning and color change. Three dryer tubes with adjustable width apertures are provided.

The side frames are machined from steel plate, stress relieved, and blanchard ground to 1″ with a .005″ tolerance for flatness. The deck sliding gibs are hardened steel on steel with adjustable tension hold-downs.

Deck adjustments are handwheel driven with hex drive adaptors on each handwheel to allow use of a power drive. Clutches are provided between the plate cylinder and color deck retraction shafts to drive both together or each independently.

The deck adjustment cross shafts have clutches to drive both sides together or each side independently.

Each side of each color deck and each plate cylinder deck has a digital position indicator reading in thousandths of inches.

Optional air driven or electric ink pumps, viscosity measuring equipment, automatic alcohol metering equipment, and air heater/dryer/blower equipment can be supplied for a complete turnkey operation.


Maximum Web Depth: 51 inches

Maximum Print Width: 48 inches

Repeat Range: 15 inches to 53 inches

Speed: 0 to 250 feet per minute

Dimensions: 134 inches long X 77 inches wide X 84 inches high

Weight: approximately 8600 pounds

Utility Requirements

Power: 240 VAC, 20 AMP, single phase (other voltages available)

Air: 80 PSI, 1 CFM for press operation. Drying air is dependent upon the process.