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Pad-O-Matic 360 MAP


A high speed, straight line, automatic system to glue ply or pouch type pads into solid sheet barrier packaging trays.

The Pad-O-Matic 300MAP is designed to operate in line with the thermoforming process in the tray production plant. The design concept is to place a single Pad-O-Matic 300MAP or a right and left hand Pad-O-Matic 300MAP, depending upon production speed required, downstream of the trim press to provide a complete in-line system for barrier tray padding with minimal increase in staffing.

The trays are taken from the trim press packaging table and fed into the denester magazine of the Pad-O-Matic 300MAP, or placed on the optional Tray Loading Conveyor, which feeds the trays into the denester magazine of the Pad-O-Matic 300MAP.

The denester station denests vertical stacks of trays and feeds them onto a single row flight conveyor.

The flight conveyor transports the trays to the pad application unit. At the pad application unit, rolls of padding material are unwound from dual unwind spindles, which are adjustable to pad material width. The pads are cut to a predetermined length, which is pre-set on the touch screen operator interface, hot melt adhesive is applied to the tray by an adhesive gun, and the pad is compressed into the adhesive in the tray on the flight conveyor.

The padded tray continues on the flight conveyor to the stacking conveyor. At the stacking conveyor, the padded trays are rotated to vertical position, counted, the count tray is marked with mechanical striker or optional fluorescent ink, and the trays are horizontally stacked on the packaging table. The ink is fluoresced by an UV lamp mounted over the packaging table.

The packaging table is equipped with pneumatic bag opening devices to open wicketed polyethylene bags, fast pak bags, or an un-wind can be provided to use rolled, perforated bags. There are guides to allow easy insertion of the stacked, counted, padded trays into the poly bags. An optional sleeving unit is available to provide automated packaging.

The Pad-O-Matic 300MAP has an onboard vacuum pump and an automatic pressure lube system with alarm to lubricate all chains and gears. All electrical meets OSHA and CE standards.

The Pad-O-Matic 300MAP features single point hand wheel adjustment of the denester width, the machine direction position of the denester vertical guides, the flight conveyor width, flight conveyor rail height, and stacking conveyor width. The pad transfer wheel position in relation to the tray on the flight conveyor, the pad position on the pad transfer wheel, and the pad cut position between pouches may all be adjusted with the machine in production.

The operator interface is a 15″ tempered glass touch screen, providing a large format color interface. The main screen gives the operator control of, and gives status of the following: Registered pad cut, registered pad cut offset, pad length, vacuum pump and blowers, glue gun, glue swirl air, machine speed, tray count marker, and machine clear mode. Also displayed are: time and date, glue system ready, guard doors open, and emergency stop engaged.

The recipe screen allows the operator to name, store, and recall recipes for different products.

There is a re-settable display of total trays run, total pads cut, total trays and pads counted, and total rejected by camera system.

There is a control and display screen for the optional tray labeler if ordered with machine.

There is a parameter entry screen for the camera pad verification system if ordered. The operator can call up the images the camera sees and set up new recipes from the touch screen.

The machine encoder timing can be electrically set from the touch screen without moving the encoder.

There is an alarm screen that displays alarms, and an alarm log.

There is a diagnostics screen that displays in real time the statue of inputs and outputs of the Parker machine control. Each output can be toggled on and off from the touch screen to assist in troubleshooting. Each servo axis has a display showing DAC value and following error, and fault codes from the servo drive.

There is a help screen with a hypertext indexed complete online machine manual with troubleshooting, adjustments, and setup instructions and diagrams.

The machine control has a USB port to allow program loading and recipe export using the operator interface and a USB “thumb drive” without a laptop computer.

The control provides for machine shutdown on failure to denest a preset number of trays, failure to feed a preset number of pads, and denester jam. The control features a “pad saver” function that prevents a pad from being cut if a denester jam occurs. This eliminates wasted pad material. The control will provide an alarm and/or shutdown on adhesive system failure and Tray Loading Conveyor jam.

The Pad-O-Matic 300MAP is available with an auto roll start feature to allow continuous production. When the production roll of pad material is depleted, the new roll is automatically fed to the pad feed rolls. Using ply pad material, one tray will have a partial pad that must be removed from the product stream. When running pouch type pads in the Registered Cut mode, a new roll may be started at production speed without missing a pad in any tray, if the end of the depleted roll is a good pad There is also available a labeler option to place pressure sensitive labels on the bottom of each tray.


Tray Sizes:

  • Maximum tray width: 10.5 inches (266.7mm)
  • Minimum tray width: 6 inches (152.4mm)
  • Maximum tray length: 13 inches (330.2mm)
  • Minimum tray length: 8 inches (203.2mm)
  • Maximum tray depth: 3 inches (76.2mm)
  • Minimum tray depth: 1 inch (25.4mm)
  • Maximum tray depth with deep tray option: 4.75 inches (120.65mm)

Padding Material: Ply or pouch type material, 3” wide minimum, 8” wide maximum, 3″ long minimum, 9” long maximum, with a minimum gap between pouches of .5″, and a maximum gap of 1.25″. Pad length is keypad selectable from 3″ minimum to 9″ maximum in .01″ increments. Pad cut length with ply pad material is + or – .030 inches. Pad cut length with pouch pads is dependent on the accuracy of the pad material. Pad placement in tray + or – 1/4″of target position. Padding material must be wound on a 3″ I.D. fiber core to a maximum roll diameter of 38″.

Adhesive: National Adhesive 34-2950, 34-2931, Henkel TS-100, Fuller PHC7264, or equivalent. Adhesive must be FDA approved for incidental food contact.

Dimensions: 5 feet wide X 28 feet long. (34 feet long with optional tray loading conveyor) (37 feet long with optional labeler and tray loading conveyor)

Weight: Approximately 8,000 pounds with Tray Loading Conveyor.

Noise Level: 82 dB a scale time weighted average maximum.

Utility Requirements

Power: 220, 380, 400, or 480 VAC, 3 PHASE, 50 AMP, 50 or 60 HZ. Other voltages are available.

Air: 20 CFM, 80 PSI minimum pressure clean dry air.