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Post Print Gusseter

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Post Print Gusseter


A vertical structure mounting a Dancer Speed Control Assembly to provide line speed control, a bubble rotator to provide a push button means of orienting film printed in the layflat for post-print gusseting, a roller collapsing frame, gusset boards, bottom nip drive rolls, and two air driven winders.

The printed film enters the Post Print Gusseter through the Dancer Assembly, through the Bubble Rotator, and downward through the collapsing frames and gusset boards and through the bottom nip rolls of the Post Print Gusseter. From the discharge of the nip rolls, the film may be wound on the dual spindle winder or fed to a bag machine or sheet winder. The film tube is inflated at the discharge of the Bubble Rotator. The inflation air is trapped between the discharge nip rolls of the Bubble Rotator and the bottom nip rolls of the Post Print Gusseter. The width of active air vents is easily adjusted by a screw at the end of the turning bar.

The turning bar and the nip rolls are mounted on separate frames carried on a rotating hub that is mounted to a crossmember at the top of the post-gusseter tower.

The film is printed in the layflat, fed into the Post Print Gusseter over the turning bar, through the nip roll assembly, re-inflated, and fed through the gusseter.

The printing is oriented by changing the turning bar and nip roll angles to the incoming and outgoing film.


Maximum Web Depth: 84 inches

Speed:  up to 250 feet per minute

Dimensions: approximately 38 inches long X 98 inches wide X 156 inches high

Weight: approximately 2100 pounds

Utility Requirements

Power: 240 or 480 VAC, three phase, 5/2.5 Amp

Air: 80 PSI, CFM dependent on process