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HB-60 Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine


The HB-60 Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine is a high quality, precision built, heavy duty, servo driven, bag making machine designed to seal heavy wall, multi-layer, polyethylene bags. The machine is mounted on castors for easy mobility, with jack screws and pads for leveling. The machine may be run in line with extrusion and printing or may be fed from tubular roll stock. Speed control is provided by a machine mounted dancer roll assembly and bellofram cylinder with a precision pneumatic regulator to provide precise tension and speed control.

A slit punch with motor driven adjustment registration roll provides vents at any location on the bag. The machine is equipped with a photo eye scanner to register the seal to the print. The cut bags are stacked on a discharge conveyor to a predetermined count. The discharge conveyor is vertically adjustable from 4 inches below the delivery conveyor to 12 inches below by a motor driven adjustment mechanism.

Machine control is provided by an Acroloop ACR-9600 integrated I/O & motion control system communicating with an Embedded PC and ELO touch screen operator interface. The control panel is located for easy operator access. The operator interface has self teaching help screens for each machine function. The display gives continuous readout of machine speed in feet per minute, bags per minute, bag length, seal bar impulse heat level and time, cooling time, stack count, and box count.

A recipe storage and retrieval system is provided to store and recall all machine parameters by job number.

The control enclosure has an elapsed time meter to indicate total operating time. An ammeter is provided on the panel to show seal bar heater current.

There is a jog forward and reverse push button to assist in thread up.

The servo amplifier enclosure and the control enclosure are sealed NEMA 12 construction with water to air heat exchangers and fans to provide internal cooling.

There is a Drive Stop push button at each corner of the machine and an Emergency Stop push button on the control panel and the servo amplifier enclosure

All opening guards are electrically interlocked to the machine control to provide machine shutdown if a guard is opened, and to prevent machine start if any guards are open.

There is a key lock guard door interlock defeator switch located on the control panel to allow maintenance personnel to operate the machine with guards open for troubleshooting.

All points requiring oil lubrication are lubricated by an automatic pressure lube system with alarm and an adjustable injector for each lube point.

The machine has jam detectors at the seal bar, and constantly monitors all guard doors, cooling water flow, air pressure, temperature of each servo drive motor , each servo amplifier, the servo amplifier enclosure, and the control enclosure.

The side frames are machined from steel plate, stress relieved, and blanchard ground to 1″ with a .005″ tolerance for flatness.

All rolls are machined to a concentricity of .001″ TIR and balanced.

The water cooled seal bars are easily replaced by one person.

The knife assembly is a double blade “flying knife” with provision for easy blade replacement.


Maximum Film Width: 60 inches

Maximum Gauge: 4 X .010″

Minimum Gauge: 2 X .001″

Minimum Bag Length: 24 inches

Maximum Bag Length: 110 inches. May be ordered with longer discharge and stacking conveyors to stack and deliver longer bags.

Speed: Dependent upon length of bag, seal time, and cooling time. Maximum film feed roll speed, 150 feet per minute in run mode, 275 feet per minute in start-up mode.

Dimensions: 20.4 feet long X 8.8 feet wide X 6.7 feet high.

Weight: approximately 12,000 pounds.

Utility Requirements

Power: 480 VAC, 50 AMP, three phase, 60 HZ standard. Other voltages and frequencies available.

Air: 80 PSI, 3 to 6 CFM dependent on machine speed.

Water: 5 GPM, 60 PSI, 70 degrees F or cooler