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Available Models:  OP-42 / OP-50 / OP-60


The OP-42, OP-50, and OP-60 Offset Presses are high quality, precision built, two color, dry offset printing presses designed to print flat sheet. Although the press was designed for styrene foam sheet, it has been successfully used for metal, solid plastic sheet, and paper products. The press may be mounted on castors for portability when used in line with thermoforming or on leveling pads when used in line with extrusion or laminating. Speed control when used in line with thermoforming is provided by a press-mounted electronic dancer signaling a 5 HP AC inverter drive. The drive may be controlled with a manual speed pot on the control panel when used off line, or may be used with a slaved speed matching drive control when used in line with extrusion or laminating. The drive provides a 0 to 10 VDC signal out to match other drives to the press speed for roll to roll applications.

Machine control is provided by an Industrial Control Group C-128 Microprocessor programmable controller. The control panel is located for easy operator access with a pivot mount to allow the panel to be moved to the infeed end or the discharge end of the press or any location between. Allen Bradley Bulletin 800T illuminated push-pull buttons and switches are used in the control panel. The control enclosure has an elapsed time meter to indicate total operating time and a digital speed indicator reading in feet per minute. Ammeters are provided on the panel to show the press drive motor amperage and the ink roll drive amperages.

There is an Emergency Stop pull cord around the entire press and an Emergency Stop push button on the control panel. When the press is Emergency Stopped, the plate cylinders retract from the blanket cylinder, and the form rolls retract from the plate cylinders. There are push-pull impression controls for each color deck and plate cylinder to stop printing while maintaining registration.

The press is driven by a 5 HP AC inverter drive controlling a 5 HP AC TEFC motor driving through an air operated clutch to a foot mounted gear box. There is a pressure regulator to control the drive clutch air pressure to provide a “shear pin effect” for safety. The clutch may be disengaged by a selector switch on the control panel. There is a Forward/Reverse selector switch on the control panel as well as jog forward and jog reverse push buttons with separate speed control to assist in thread up.

All gearing is 16 diametral pitch, 20 degree pressure angle by 1-1/2″ wide face.

The fountain rolls are driven by 1/2 HP DC SCR drives with speed control to provide precise ink metering.

All gears and sleeve bearings are lubricated by an automatic pressure lube system with alarm and an adjustable injector for each lube point. The press is equipped with oil drip pans to catch excess lube oil.

Side to side registration of each plate cylinder is adjusted by a hand knob with a 2 inch range of adjustment. Registration between plate cylinders is provided by a movable drive flange on the plate cylinder shaft.

The fountain rolls are heat treated steel, polished and hard chrome plated. The impression roll and plate cylinder shafts are hard chrome plated carbon steel.

The plate cylinders and blanket cylinder are carbon steel. All rolls and shafts are turned to a diametral tolerance of .002″ and concentricity of .0005″ TIR maximum and balanced.

The ink wells have a spring steel doctor knife with pressure control screws every 1-1/4″. The ink well dams are adjustable for print width in 4″ increments. The inkwells are equipped with Baldwin ink agitators to maintain constant ink film contact with the fountain rolls. On-off control switches for the ink agitators are provided on the control panel.

The side frames are machined from steel plate, stress relieved, and blanchard ground to 1-1/2″ with a .005″ tolerance for flatness. The plate cylinder swing arms and the color head pivot arms are constructed in the same manner.

Plate deck adjustments are provided by jack screws on each side of the press with handwheels for the color deck adjustments. The impression deck is mounted on motorized screw jacks for fast travel, with a handwheel provided for precise adjustment.


Maximum Web Depth: OP-42, 44 inches; OP-50, 52 inches; OP-60, 62 inches.

Maximum Print Width: OP-42 43 inches (42 inches with 1 inch side to side registration adjustment); OP-50 51 inches (50 inches with 1 inch side to side to registration adjustment); OP-60 61 inches (60 inches with 1 inch side to side registration adjustment).

Repeat Range: 22 inches to 53 inches

Speed: 0 to 250 feet per minute (0 to 76 meters per minute)

Dimensions: OP-42, 68 inches long X 90 inches wide X 84 inches high; OP-50, 68 inches long X 98 inches wide X 84 inches high; Op-60, 68 inches long X 90 inches high, x 108 inches wide.

Weight: 8,840 pounds to 14,000 pounds depending on model and repeat length.

Utility Requirements

Power: 240 or 480 VAC, 30 AMP, three phase, 60 HZ standard. Other voltages and frequencies available.

Air: 80 PSI, 1 CFM for press operation.