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CR-56 Chill Roller


A Water Cooled Chill Roller to remove heat from blown film webs. The chill roll is constructed entirely of aluminum to provide maximum thermal conduction. The outer shell is 1/4 inch thick with a 1/4 inch spiral water passage between the outer and inner shell. Water enters through a rotary union at one end of the roll and exits through a rotary union at the other end of the roll. The roll is turned to .004 inch TIR, static balanced, and pressure tested to 60 PSI.


Maximum Web Depth: 56 inches.

Dimensions: 7 1/2 inch diameter by 56 inch wide cooling surface. The bearing journals are 1.500 inch diameter. Total length of shell and stub shafts up to 75 inches. The water entry and discharge ports are 3/8-18 NPT female thread.

Weight: approximately 70 pounds.

Utility Requirements

Water: Chilled water volume depends on water temp, flow, and thickness and temperature of the film.

Power:  No specific electrical requirements.