We’ve recently finished the design on a Stand-alone Denester that can be added to an existing tray line.

A stand-alone self-contained system to dispense food packaging trays.

The Stand Alone Denester was designed to be used to denest vertical stacks of trays and discharge them onto further process. It is mounted on castors to allow easy movement and positioning in the plant.

The Stand Alone Denester uses the same mechanical design as used on our high-speed padding machines. The unit has an on-board vacuum pump and suction blower. It is equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive to drive the denester cam and the discharge conveyor.

The vertical stacks of trays are placed in the denester magazine, are mechanically separated, and suction cup placed on a double chain flight conveyor, and discharged onto the customers conveyor.

The Stand Alone Denester features single point handwheel adjustment of the denester width and the machine direction position of the denester vertical guides. The flight conveyor width, and flight conveyor hold down rail height are manually repositioned for various widths and product depth.

The machine control provides for machine shutdown on failure to denest a preset number of trays, and denester jam.

A tool box is supplied with the machine containing all the tools needed for size changeover. The tool box has storage for the tray locks, tray checks, extra fasteners, and set-up gauges.

For more information, please visit the Stand-Alone Denester product page.